the still undiscovered casuarina beach

Originally uploaded by jonckher
In any other town but Darwin, Casuarina beach would be heralded as one of the main attractions of the place. Protected by a natural reserve made up of kilometers of sandy beach, shady casuarina forest right up to the beach front, calm warm waters and just 5 minutes from suburbia, on a clear Saturday afternoon with not a cloud in the sky and the temperature hitting 31 degrees C, you’d expect it to be packed with holiday makers and those annoying jetskiers.

I counted 20 other people dotted along the beach off in the horizon somewhere. And at some point in the evening, a couple of people came out with kites and a few more with dogs.

I suspect that the locals know this and have made special effort to hide it from the tourists. It’s almost impossible to get to without a car, there’s almost zero publicity about it and when you get there, except for a miniscule surf club and daunting warnings about deadly jellyfish and crocodiles, there’s no mod cons whatsoever.

That’s right, no lattes on the beach, no surf hire, no ice cream stalls, no showers or toilets, nothing but sea, sand, forest.

Oh, and the nude section of the beach tucked way up north which seems to function mainly as a gay beat – although the men being in conservative Darwin are very discreet and generally hide amongst the trees out of sight.

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