Rapid creek market keeps going

Rapid creek market

More photos here
Wolfing my laksa down while sitting cross legged on the pavement, i gazed enviously at the lucky few who had snagged the 5 tables and couple of dozen plastic outdoor furniture chairs.

It struck me then that that was partly the point of it all.

Of all four markets in Darwin (Mindil Beach, Parap and Nightcliff being the other three), the Rapid Creek Market is the most functional. It’s a place where people are supposed to come, buy their vegies, takeaway food and get the hell out. High in atmosphere for those people who have traveled in south-east asia, it’s sparse in comfort for most everyone else.

That and the absence of knick-knacks and buskers playing the didge is perhaps why there are so very few tourists at the market. There isnt really very much to see here.

It’s really not a market for tourists and unlike the others, the number of stalls stays constant over the wet. Lots of vegie shops cramming the indoor corridors, impromptu fishmongers selling out of eskies and an outdoor collection of hawker stalls mostly dishing up from bain-maries to locals.

Lamentably, the collection of thai women who used to sit on the tarmac in the middle and sell food from pots they’d brought from home were no longer there but otherwise, it was unchanged.

After wandering around for a little bit, like everyone else, I didnt linger. I ate my laksa, bought a grilled banana leaf wrapped sticky rice and yam bundle, some tapiaco dumplings stuffed with peanuts and left.

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