heart troubles

seven years ago, I had a reasonably scary incident involving my heart. after much encouragement from many friends and family over the years, yesterday I finally made an appointment to see a doctor who immediately prescribed a whole bunch of tests. today I did the first of them – a stress test – which saw me running on a treadmill with my blood pressure being taken regularly and assorted monitoring patches attached to my body. as I expected, everything came out fine – no anomalies detected.
i’ve got a holter monitor on now, a small device that is storing readings for 24 hours in case my conditions flares up. on friday, I have an ultrasound to see if there are any obvious physical signs of damage. I doubt that anything will be found.
i’d done some research and had a couple of tests done the last time. the condition I have which is a slow AF occurs very infrequently (once or twice a year to the level I can detect) and 1asts for 12 to 24 hours when it does. this does not mean the risk of stroke is negligible when it does happen or that there isn’t something else happening but it does mean that its difficult to diagnose and hence treat.
anyway, i’d mostly just accepted that if something untoward was going to happen, then it would and at the least it would be quick. I haven’t really changed my mind there but it seems that it can’t hurt to have another look at it. besides, SG, understandably so, has been quite insistent.

3 thoughts on “heart troubles

  1. It seems quite odd that folks who have symptoms of something major, don’t act on them. I was in a similar situation as you describe. Actually it had happened to me quite a few times. The first time it appeared was when my wife and I were buying our first home. I was with the inspector doing the final walk through when al of the sudden I started to sweat. I was sweating like it was the middle of summer and I had just run 10 miles. I had to ask the inspector to help me sit down. By the way, I’m only 36 years old. I had the same thing happen two more time over the next three years. I got checked out by the doc who couldn’t find any thing wrong. I wonder why though, I waited till it happened 2 more times to see the doc?

  2. hey erik, thanks for your comment. i’m 36 as well and i guess the answer to your question is that it’s easier to ignore a fearful possibility than it is to discover the truth behind it – even if the truth could dispel the fear. anyway, my test results come in next Monday and i’ll post the results.

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