Who is this Lidia Chan person?

Pru Goward made some remarks about how sexist the NSW parliament is and immediately attracted attention from the media.

“Politics and particularly that parliament is particularly male-dominated and extraordinarily chauvinistic, in a very primitive physical way that I didn’t expect people to still behave,” she is quoted as saying.

She also mentioned that she has no intention of backing off.

Cue Lidia Chan in today’s Australian. Lidia’s advice to Pru: “if you cant stand the heat, get out.”

I havent heard of this Lidia person before and a cursory websearch reveals zero publications so her opinion should really matter very little to me especially seeing as it is the Australian opinion page, famous for its almost cliched by-the-numbers right wing position (barring Paul Kelly and a couple of other writers). Besides, my first impression was that she’s just trolling for reactions or trying to impress Janet Albrechtsen.

Still a couple of points came to me:

1) Seemed that Pru Goward was applying heat to the NSW parliament by stating that it is unacceptably sexist to the level of occasional assault. Getting some media attention, telling the dickheads in parliament she’s going to call them on their bullying behaviour. That seems to be pretty good tactics to me. (To give Lidia some credit, she does hasten to say that this is unacceptable although she seems to think that barring sexual assault, everything else is fair game.)

2) Looking at Lidia Chan’s family name, it could be that she has an Asian heritage or is married to an Asian man. I wonder if she would be quite a quick to condemn if the NSW parliament was unacceptably racist instead and if Pru was an Asian MP highlighting this. Lidia’s line of argument could then be that unless Pru was physically assaulted for being Asian, she should have no problem copping it sweet. I wonder what that would say to the rest of the country about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior on the streets?

I am disappointed, Lidia, very disappointed.

Not a good way of making a first publication.

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