A short sharp comment on the budget

Peter Saunders the social research director at the minimal government think tank, the Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney, fights the good fight in his damning critique of smug Peter’s new budget:


I agree with most everything he says  but it’s a sad day that i cant find in myself any of the indignation he clearly feels. A big spending budget that (barring the university fund) lacks vision and is designed to bribe the populace? A budget that sees the government retaining if not increasing its hold on power?

But surely that’s the whole point of government these days.

One thought on “A short sharp comment on the budget

  1. On the budget spending, consider the context of the far right lobby group, or were they a government appointed advisory committee, whom recently announced that Australians need to boot the economy by extending hours which children can attend school for, from eight am to six pm. . . .

    . . . . is the government offering a free childcare bribe, and for what purpose? As it is on the eve of the stolen generations situation resolving better than previous.

    What ever they intend, every penny into education will be well used, because Australians are realists.

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