triple bill Friday, triple helix warehouse party Saturday

On Saturday night, I went to a warehouse trance party in Coburg. It was the first trance party I’ve been to since Rainbow and while the venue and sound was fantastic (the usual standard from funktion one systems), I was pretty bored at least half of the time and went home around 4pm. I’ve really just heard too much trance. I am however waiting quite eagerly for the nex outdoor trance party even if I did hear a rumour that Winter Solstice would not be held at Opoeia this year .

The night before, I’d gone to a live hip/hop reggae gig at the East Brunswick club hotel to watch a triple bill – Combat Wombat, Jake Savona and Astronomy Lesson. I was primarily there for Jake Savona’s launch of his album “Melbourne meets Kingston” and while it’s difficult to have a live launch of an album that was mainly studio recorded in Melbourne and Jamaica, the musicians that were there and the different Melbourne vocalists acting as standins for the Jamaican singers did a great job, adding their own brand of energy to the music.

To my surprise, I actually quite enjoyed Astronomy Lesson as well. Hip hop is just not my thing but their energy and surprisingly enough, melody, was engaging and I found myself actually listening to their backing DJs and finding their layering of different sounds and tracks to be really good and subtle. Also, it helped that their songs were humorous, witty and ironic.

As for combat wombat, well, there’s only so much simplistic left-wing political harangueing I can take before I switch off and there wasnt all that much musically I found interesting to listen to either. If they’d come on last, I’d have left after their first song. And there was a bit too much holding the microphone like a gun and making gun-shapes with fingers to my taste. Geeze.

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