renovations apace

There’s been many times in the last two years I’ve regretted buying this house. But the rental crisis in Melbourne’s inner suburbs have become such that even though for the last five weeks, I’ve been living in a single room in a house without a kitchen or a bathroom, with furniture clustered in impractical groups, the garden resembling a recycled building materials yard, and an inch of plaster dust coating every surface (including the bed), I’ve not felt quite as hard pressed as I would otherwise have. I have discovered however, now that I havent been able to do it, how relaxing it is for me to come home to a functional house, take my boots off and cook a meal.

Still, the discomfort and stress seems to be paying off.

The bathroom has been reconstructed. The original tiling job on the floor had to be redone as the land around here in thornbury is clay on shifting rocks meaning that the house shifts constantly and extra reinforcement on the floor in the form of cement sheeting is required. Also, the internal wall sheeting has been finished. So all the plastering has been done and the architraves and skirting boards installed. All there remains within the house to do is the painting, a task that SG and myself are going to do ourselves.

There’s still a few more things to do outside after this. But I’m trying not to think about it until we have a kitchen again.

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