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This long dry warm summer has meant that sitting in beer gardens around Melbourne have become even more pleasurable than usual. The Wesley Anne’s beer garden is certainly one of those special places in Northcote even if I was there with a certain amount of sadness as it was one of my oldest friend’s, V, going away. She, her husband and her two young children would be moving permenantly away from Northcote to Tasmania on Wednesday. About eleven years ago, V and I were engaged – it was an engagement I broke as I was not ready for that level of commitment at that time.

Sitting there this afternoon, watching SG cradling V’s six month old baby in the golden autumnal light made me feel connected to it all. V was going and I felt sad about that, but then I would be leaving soon too and in the last 16 years I’ve known V, much has happened between us. Her leaving the state, my leaving the country would be just another change in a series of changes, the least being our relative geographic locations.

And while the future could mean a further distance between us, it could also result in something like SG holding V’s baby and my great feelings of affection and joy for the woman I love now, the beautiful baby of the woman I loved many years ago and who I still care very much for now. 8 years ago, I would never have it thought possible when I was fleeing Melbourne and my old relationship with V, having decided at that point that I would never marry, never settle down, and that very likely I would never see V again.

But here I am now.

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