Steaming under the stars

this easter’s confest ( passed quickly, just around the time when i was relaxing enough to get into it. But this is always the case and I’ve grown to accept it.

this easter’s confest was much better attended than the new year’s confest as it seems that most of the people who’d had enough of the hot weather from the previous year decided to come over easter. It made for a much better feel even if the site was packed.

The organisers had also expanded the market place and there were more stalls, including a great new food stall that cooked to order and had a changing daily menu. Having not done the shopping before getting into the festival, I was grateful for the variety. The organisers had also allowed for more musical variety and the music stage on Saturday night pushed out a few dance track for an hour or so.

But these were all peripheral. The core items of confest remained unchanged: the endless workshops on all things new agey (with the notable exception of a new comedy space), the hot tub and steam tent next to the art village, the river, the fire circle, the gypsy kitchen, the fabulous holy cow chai tent and of course the relentless drumming. These had not changed over the last 5 years I’d been going.
And of course, the primary concept of confest has not changed. I was in bed listening to the doof waft over the trees when I realised what that was and how that makes confest very different from a trance party (or music festival). Basically, there is nothing to do at confest. Entertainment has to be found, created and engaged in, you cannot passively receive it as you would at a music or dance festival.

Which means that there’s more scope to make confest what you want of it. For me, this confest was pretty much about SG and my friends. Most of my friends who’d not been at new years had come this time which resulted in me spending very little quality time with any of them.

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