fitzroy library fails basic duty of care

A month ago, a female friend of mine was at the fitzroy library branch at the town hall. While there, a man unknown to her abruptly started abusing and threatening her verbally. Feeling scared, she went to the front desk for assistance. The man followed her and in full view and hearing of the staff, continued abusing her as well as threatening her with rape. The staff refused to make eye contact and when pressed would only offer her the use of the phone to call the police, stating they were too busy to call in spite of the fact that the man was at the desk and continuing his abuse. No other support was offered. They did not even ask her if she wanted to shelter in an office away from the man. My friend was too afraid to leave as the man would have followed her. When the police arrived, they took her statement as the man had left by then. They also discovered there were no security cameras in the foyer. At this stage, one of staff said that they would have helped but were too busy.

This utter lack of sympathy, courage and training of the staff is outrageous and reflects extremely poorly on the library and its policies. Worse still, it indicates little that is worthy in the character of the staff themselves. They should be ashamed.

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