sexuality in a de-sexualised world

I find it difficult to see the attraction of the online sex world. To be honest and this could be a sign of my generation, i never found much online that could enhance my sex life. I have friends who are into this and even a couple who created an up-and-coming site with some innovations in how people can relate to each other online ( so it’s not that I dont know what is happening at the forefront of technology.

But then, I’ve never been into porn either. It was in complete short supply when I was growing up in Malaysia and I knew instinctively that the real thing was a lot better even if I wasnt particularly successful in that department for much of my teenage years. This preference still held strong through the occasional dry period in my twenties and by the time the internet had exploded into a vast online cornucopia of online sex, my preferences for actual person-to-person sex was set.

Anyway, for those of you who read my blog and do actually like on-line sexual / flirty interactions, check out And yeah, this is a shameless plug for the owners but then they are my friends and they are good people.

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