the final chapter?

In one of those strange coincidences that happens now and then, my ex met someone around the same time SG and I got together. She seems serious too, serious enough to move away from Melbourne up to remote / rural Queensland to make a life with him.

I feel happy for them. I’ve met him and he seems very well suited to her, much better than we suited each other especially towards the end of our relationship. It struck me, as I was driving her to the airport, that we had grown quite far apart in the last two years of that and since its end, which is nearly a year and a half now, we’ve become even more different.

It seems apt anyway that this is reflected in what our travel plans are and the resulting geographical distance. I will end up in Africa and she in north Queensland. But a part of me is saddened by this as well, that it is possible to spend so much time with someone and find that with the passing of time, there is not much to show for it but distance.

One thought on “the final chapter?

  1. as time passes, it seems like my memory of my last relationship is a rapidly fading impression: i find it difficult to remember or understand what held us together, although when i suddenly come across traces of that time, i don’t doubt what existed. perhaps proximity is a distance we close when we try to share our worlds, and the vast gap is the true distance between any two persons which we must cross to be with another. and the distances only appears so great afterwards because its such a long and hard walk away from each other, a former happiness to find a new place for ourselves.

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