thoughts of travel

The travel plan at this stage is to go to KL for a very short time, probably a couple of days. This is so that I can show SG some of the places there and also for her to meet my family. From there, we plan to get to India and spend a bit of time there (two or three months?) before heading up to the UK where SG wants to catchup with a couple of friends. From UK, we’re planning to head down to Africa possibly Egypt and then make our way south by car until we find a spot where we can both settle and work enough to replenish funds. We havent quite decided whether we’re going to through the East or West coast at this stage.
I have vague fantasies of travelling to India overland from Malaysia but that could just add a bit too much time to it all the point being to get to a reasonably stable income generating position before all the money disappears.

This is just a draft plan. Writing it down and reading it now, it seems quite far off and bits of the trip will probably drop off depending on our savings. A quick look around the internet seems to indicate that this could cost between 3000 to 4000 AUD.

On a related note, a friend of SG is also staying with us and has added to my stock of horror travel stories I’ve heard in the last year or so, all from female travellers.  To date these are:

  • Turkey – At night, 4 cops attempt to push a traveller into their car while pushing her boyfriend out.  The two of them manage to get away running through various backstreets pursued by the cops. The backpacker manager tells them later that western women have been found raped and murdered around that area.
  • India – while on a trek, a female hiker is physically picked up by a man and abducted. He literally throws her over his shoulder. She’s upchucks on him and manages to convince him to let her go. She finds out later that there’s been a spate of murder/rapes around that area.
  • India – a traveller and her sister while visiting a site by themselves is accosted by four men who attempt to gang rape them. She manages to fight them off. Attempts to report this assault to the police is met with complete indifference.

I realise that listing this country is unfair to the country – every country has its dangerous areas – but I cant remember where they were.

And of course there’s the usual list of muggings, thefts, confidence jobs etc that’s almost too trivial to mention. Travel for fun and adventure indeed.

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