renovations proceed

After two and a bit years, i’m finally getting an indoor shower and toilet installed. it’s coming in more expensive than i thought it would be and it’s a nicer bathroom than i’d originally planned for but at least it is in. the next step is to get some of the walls plastered, painted and finally the skirting boards and architraves reinstalled. I’m not sure how much my budget is going to extend to that but we’ll see.

In the last couple of years, i’ve discovered that i’m not really the renovations kind of person or even a house owning kind of person. I like the place I’m living in and I get ideas about how it could become nicer but I dont actually seem to want to do anything to it. It wasnt even really a money issue – i have the money. It was the will i lacked.

To start with, I attributed my complete inaction to my relationship ending but in the last few months, I think that it’s actually that I’m not really that interested in building a home or even living in a comfortable space. After all, the last two years of outside showers, unsealed walls with little insulation and constant draughts, endless amounts of dust from the roof and other such things has not really budged me in terms of actually doing anything to fix stuff.

The only reason why I’m even getting these renovations done is because I want to rent it out, I want to be free of it financially so that I can leave it. I’m even resenting this process a bit because the more money i spend on the house, the less I have for travel (even if it also means i might get more rent). Really, if the market conditions were right, I would sell it. Says quite a bit really.

In retrospect, it seems an expensive lesson, that there’s more to life than picking tile colours, wall paint and the number of extra bedrooms.

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