echoes echoes

last night SG showed my some old photos of her, many of which were taken by one of her ex-lovers. he had a good eye and managed to capture much of SG’s persona, from the way she laughs to the way she stands. Strange how much information can be stored in facial expressions and posture. Looking through them, it was obvious that he was very much in love with her and in some of the others taken by friends, that she loved him very much too.

People move on and relationships end for a variety of reasons. SG had told me much of what had happened and so I knew enough about that part of her life before I saw the photos but there’s a difference between hearing it and seeing it. Seeing this part of her life made it more real, gave her stories substance and the person that she was with depth. I found that while I understood those reasons intellectually, after looking at the photos, I couldnt emotionally grasp what happened to that very obvious and very strong love that SG and her ex shared.

I wondered also if there would be a time in the future when SG would be sitting at the computer, showing photos of myself to someone else, some one new and that it would be my turn to have moved on or been moved on from.

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