dancing to the end of the rainbow

the music will not stop for three nights and four days this weekend as the rainbow serpent trance festival hits its tenth year. this will be the second one i’ve attended and i’m looking forward to it. Just over half of my wider circle of friends will be there and seeing as I didnt really hang out with many people over new year, this will be the first big campout for me this season. some of these people will be new to the scene and I’m quite excited that a friend of mine who does not take drugs or even drink very much will be coming – for once I will know that at least one person i’ll be interacting with there will be their real self.

Unfortunately, SG will not be there as urgent matters take her north. I’m disappointed but I’ve spent so much time going to trance parties as a single person that I’ve actually been having a bit of trouble envisaging what it would be like being at one with someone. But more importantly, SG not being there gives me the opportunity to start saying goodbye to the trance party scene by myself, the trance scene as I have been doing it for the last year and a half.

In light of my “get a life” resolution, I’ve been thinking a lot about the scene and its relevence and meaning in my life. As an enjoyable occasional past-time, it is pretty good but as a near weekly event that takes up most of my free time as it has been doing for most of the last year, it’s reached the end of its time.

I’ve always expected this day to come. After all, I’ve never got into the drug side of things which is a major part of it for many people and the music does not resonate with me outside of the party; i dont listen to it at all at home preferring reggae. The only hold it has on me is that many of my friends go and that aspect is certainly one that I will keep. So really this is more a shift in focus rather than a goodbye.

The thing about partying that kept me there for so long was that it provided immediate distraction, a social scene, a subculture and had events one could look forward to. The fact that it didnt really further the rest of my goals didnt matter as I had none. Now that i have rediscovered those goals, there’s a lot more I need to do with my life. There’s material I want to read, renovations I need to organise, possessions I need to sort through to either get rid off or put in storage, a journey to plan and most importantly – stuff to think about and meditate on.

As my current favourite song by Iba (even if he is a bit of a homophobic fundamentalist rasta preacher) from his debut album “Jah Lion” goes: there’s work to do now, plenty plenty work to do. And partying, fun as it is, doesnt get much work done.

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