getting a life

Since my early twenties, i’ve wanted to travel and work overseas. My trip up to Darwin six years ago was meant to be the start of a long journey away. My failure to actually leave has in a small way haunted me since. Part of the reason why I came back was because I did a short stint through thailand and laos around that time and hated the backpacking life. It seemed pointless, hedonistic, disconnected from culture and also lonely. I came back determined to work overseas instead. In the last six years, i’d made some attempts here and there to do it but been distracted or put off for one reason or another.

I’ve resolved to get back on that path and this means that I’ll need to fix up my house enough that it is liveable enough to rent out. Combined with an interest only loan, I’ve figured out that I can probably support myself and the remainder of the home loan for a year provided I get a subsistence wage working overseas in the aid / development industry. I should have my project management certifications by the end of March and a cursory look at overseas seems to show that there’s a fair amount of work available in this field – whether i get this work or not is something else again of course.

A couple of organisations with branches in Australia, RedR and Engineers without Borders also look promising in being able to give some advice to me about what I should or would need to do in terms of further training.

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