season of parties

working through two weekends in a row is never fun especially seeing as it meant i had to miss going to summer solstice. of course, it also meant i could make it to a couple of other things in town but it’s not the same. Still, there’s a fair amount scheduled to happen so I shouldnt complain.

This weekend on Saturday, a couple of my hippie friends are doing a dance performance at Abode as part of the club’s BDSM Confessional theme nights. I’m not relishing the thought of being in lockdown (patrons have to arrive between 9 and 10pm) and the $30 door charge and so might get there after 1am when it turns into a normal (ish) dance club. But that depends on what time my friends perform. I was not all that impressed by Confessional the couple of times I’ve been but that’s primarily because I’m not into the scene even if I do have many friends who are. The night has become popular enough to indicate that it certainly does hit the spot for most.

There’s a rumour going around that on Sunday (Christmas Eve) during the day there’s a trance party at Dights Falls. If so, then I’ll go down and recover from Saturday night. In any event, I’ll be driving my ex to the airport and then borrowing her car for the rest of this season which is great as it means that I wont need to hire a car for some of the things I want to get to.

On Christmas Day itself, being free of family obligations, I get to pick up a lot of seafood from Victoria Street in Richmond, pop it all into an esky and drive up to Kangaroo Ground to spend it with some of my friends and their parents. There is a small risk that if there’s a bush fire, this gathering will move to my place.

On Boxing Day, if it follows previous years, the Fitzroy Edinborough Gardens should have some spontaneous parties with multiple sound systems and the usual collection of northside alternative cool. If I havent outstayed my welcome in Kangaroo Ground, I’ll check it out but to be honest, I’d rather be hanging out in their lovely house in the bush and trecking down to the river for swims in between cooking, eating and drinking more.

On the 27th December, I’ll pick a friend up from the airport and depending on how organised we both are, drive to Confest either on that day itself or the next day. Confest this year is going to be at a new site at Moulamein this time 5 hours away from Melbourne and it will be hot, dry and dusty. In many ways, I’m not looking forward to it but I feel quite compelled to go anyway. Partly because I want to be in the river and bush-camping, partly because I want to spend some time with my friend (who will be leaving the country soon) and partly because I want to see if this time I will go through the same tussles with loneliness and isolation as I did in the Easter confest.

I wont be staying for New Years at Confest however. The lack of dance music is a main factor in this and I have large reservations about naked hippies and New Years anyway which I may or may not expand in this blog later this year. So I’ll be driving either on the 30th or the 31st to Tribeadelic, a three day outdoor trance festival which is fortunately going to be at Undera, just 3 hours from Moulamein. Hopefully it’ll be at a river, the same river that runs through the Earthcore site. For a while it looked like it was going to be held in Gippsland which would have meant an eight hour drive and bushfires.

I havent quite organised a posse for Tribeadelic and it seems at this stage that I’ll be getting there with maybe a couple of friends in the mix somewhere. Most of the people I know are going to either stay on at Confest or stay in town and go to one of the following: the straight friendly Witness Protection Program party at the Public Office, the massive two level More Fire dub reggae party at Brown Alley or the Messy Creations Trance Party at Bacchus Marsh. They are all tempting options but I need to get a good outdoor dance between now and Rainbow Serpent to keep the blues away.

All of this is again dependent on bushfires.

Anyway, I’ll be back in town on the 3rd January to pick up my ex from the airport, return the car to her and recover.

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