all the world’s a stage

and all its people merely players.

but my friend was not making a reference to shakespeare when she said that she thought I was player. she was instead providing me with an analysis of my character with regard to women and dating.

I could not completely disagree with her. After all she’d known me for nearly a year and she’d been privy to many of my romantic (mis)adventures in that time.

I did protest that ‘player’ with its connotations of emotional manipulation and all round caddish womanising behavior was not fair and taking it too far.

“I am looking for a partner”, I pointed out. “Even if on some level I am not ready, for the right person I probably would be.”

“That’s just the kind of thing a player would say”, she said.

I couldn’t think of much else to say in response to that. She was right in many ways. I do date women who are great but who I see no real future with. But then as i’ve written in an earlier entry, so far I haven’t seen a future with anyone.

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