post-queer or losing that pesky gag reflex

At earthcore on monday afternoon in spite of the heat I was cuddling a newly made friend in a big blue bus parked in the middle of the rapidly shrinking healing village. Our conversation had dissolved into a sort of trance of mutual admiration when a young man with very blood shot eyes scrambled up the stairs and plonked himself on a sofa opposite ours. He was a friend of my friend and she inquired about his health to which he responded that he had not slept at all.

“what have you been up to then?” my friend asked.

“l’ve been having lots of hot sex” he said casually.

I was digesting that information when he said in the same been-dancing-all-night tone,

“I also sucked this guy’s dick.”

My friend congratulated him and asked if he’d enjoyed the experience to which he responded in the affirmative, describing in some detail the attributes of the fortunate recepient of his oral attentions.

“have you done this before?” I asked unsuccessfully attempting to be casual.

“once” he said and then proceeded to thrust three fingers down his throat.

“no gag reflex. I lost it two nights ago.” he explained with the manner of someone declaring the obvious.

My bewilderment must have been clear.

“no gag reflex meant I just had to suck some cock then didn’t I?” he said a bit impatiently.

“was it difficult to find someone?” my friend asked.

“was it ever. I asked all these guys and finally had to get the girl I was with to snog this english boy while I was doing it. It was fun though. No gag reflex.”

I stifled a paternal urge to ask him if he’d used a condom and that perhaps he should consider the matter in any future encounters. I wanted him to be safe. Perhaps there was hope for a world liberated from the limitations of fixed sexual orientation and associated judgements, for a time when sex no longer had to be politically contextualised. When it could be as simple as trying something for the hell of it.

2 thoughts on “post-queer or losing that pesky gag reflex

  1. If it is any comfort, he is less likely to get infected if he has been deep throating than if he had been performing mouth-only oral sex.

    Always a useful fact to know.


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