a few quiet thoughts after the deluge

Not long ago, i wrote a review on this blog about a local comedian, Janelle Koenig.

In my review, I tried quite hard to capture my emotional reaction to her act and to work through at best as I could why i didnt like it. I wasnt too happy about the piece when I was done but it was accurate enough and it felt quite true to my reality and my experience and so I published it. I didnt really think too much more about it after i’d finished.

Now, this blog gets between 2-10 hits a day on average when I write – the people who read my blog are mainly friends, some in Oz, others overseas and maybe a few people i dont actually know at all. The review I’d written had maybe been read by 5 people. Anyway, about two or three weeks later, that single entry in my blog suddenly got over 150 hits and there was a whole lot of comments waiting to be approved. I dont generally get comments either – maybe 1 every two months. This time I had around 10, all for the same entry.

It turned out that the comedian that I’d written the review about had discovered it and had written to every one of her friends asking them to comment on my blog. Many of her friends it seemed were also comedians and I would assume comedians in the Melbourne circuit. Many of her friends, from the tenor of their comments, were as unimpressed by my review as she was.

I published their comments along with her’s. It seemed only fair that I should provide herself and her supporters the right of reply so that future readers (if any) could get a dissenting view.

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