dance floor meditations

i finally got myself a pair of sunglasses at earthcore that fit over my specs. i think it looks cool but the main reason why i bought it because i get to shut my eyes while dancing and not feel to self-conscious about appearing too much like a blissed-out hippy.

Shutting my eyes while on the dancefloor means that i get to meditate.

There are times when i achieve a meditative state that is not so different from when I’m doing sitting meditation. it’s more active of course and not quite as peaceful but the process of observation is still very similar. With my body doing its own thing to the beat, my mind is liberated (to an extent) to contemplate its own processes.

Occasionally,  little epiphanies appear and on Saturday night, I thought (or rather some thoughts arose) about happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain, how we swing from on to the other, how we are constantly seeking one and fearing the other. I wondered what the average was for myself, if it rested on the generally happy side or not.  I also thought about the effects of meditation (especially Buddhist meditation) and how it smooths out the lows and the highs. I wondered what the average was for when i meditated regularly and if it was higher than now, when I’m not meditating regularly.

I came to no conclusion. When the lines are smoothed, something else emerges and my memory of that state has blurred.

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