dreams dont have to stand for something

the other night, i dreamt that i was looking after two children. one was four and the other six. they could have been mine. i certainly felt enough affection for them. i was telling off the older child because she had upset her younger sibling for no apparent reason.
“why did you do that?” i asked, “you wouldn’t like it if you were playing quietly and someone came and hassled you, would you?”
she shook her head tearfully. i was holding both of them. the younger one had stopped crying but the older one was clinging hard. i felt a huge surge of love for both of them.
at that point, i woke and thought about how banal that dream had been, how that little bit of conflict would be carried out many times in any parent’s week. i thought about how easy and natural it had felt to mind those children’s small worlds and how confident i was in that dream about my ability to look after them and to make the right decisions. most of all, i thought about how good it had felt to be holding them and to be held.

One thought on “dreams dont have to stand for something

  1. Hey Tien,
    That sounds like a pretty powerfully suggestive dream to me – particularly because of your emotional response and how you approached the situation.
    Of course dreams don’t have to mean anything, but I would say that’s about as unsubtle as your subconscious will get in saying to your conscious mind “Tien, you will find being a parent to be rewarding and you will be comfortable in your role as a parent.”
    At least that’s what immediately struck me when I read your post. Of course, maybe I’m just projecting here…

    I must say that I agree with your subconscious on those points – I think you’ll be a great father. I think you have a lot of love and intelligent guidance to offer a child.

    I rarely remember my dreams these days. I wish I did.


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