earthcore approaches

last year, earthcore marked the beginning of the end of my relationship. although not clear at that time, it revealed that no matter how much I tried to bridge the gap, our lifes were taking very different direction s and ultimately neither of us would or could choose to turn back.

earthcore also marks the start of my trajectory into the outdoor trance party scene. three consecutive tabs of acid , twenty four hours of dance music, an already heightened emotional state opened up the music and formed lasting associations that can still return now in its full intensity in similar environments even though I have not taken any psychedelics since.

it is one of the ironies of my ex-relationship that one of the main problems between us was my ex’s devotion to the trance scene and now one year on, we’ll be camping together with our friends at earthcore. long festivals like earthcore are intense experiences. even without drugs (which I will keep away from), the heat, exhaustion, constant insistent drumbeats and dance tend to breakdown internal barriers. I am not even sure we are friends yet much less ready to do this but we have never done things the easy way.

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