meditating for G20

Or rather against G20 although I couldn’t quite work out how meditation would do that. But the chap sitting on the sidewalk handing out leaflets about a peaceful alternative to the angry stop G20 crowd seemed pretty convinced of the technique’s efficacy. It was a pretty cold evening to be out and I admired the strength of his convictions.

Actually, i’d seen him at confest before. He was one of the guys who never seemed to have a stitch of clothing on for the entire 5 days and nights. He was clothed this time of course if barefooted. I spoke to him for a bit but it wasnt far down the usual preamble that he asked me one of those annoying hippie questions that pose at being deep.

“What’s making you happy these days?” he said with the utmost interest and sincerity.

I refrained from wincing and to prevent myself from saying “nothing”, I pulled out a response along the same lines.

“Does it have to be something?” I asked, putting on my best wise sage aspect.

To which he murmured something about the importance of being aware but I could tell I’d thrown him and he started sizing me up as a potential rival wise-man. I prepared for the next deep question, probably something about sparrows, forests, lakes and the unblemished mirror of consciousness. But a derelict drunk came stumbling by and wanted to know in great detail what the fuckin G20 was.

So i was saved.

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