driven to a successful sit

i woke up this morning thirty minutes before my alarm went with a burst of adrenaline and thought about work. i’ve got a very high risk high profile project that is affecting another very complex and also very high risk and high profile project which for some reason i am also managing.

i thought about both of them for awhile, fantasised about running away and joining the circus and decided that enough was enough, i was going to have to meditate.

And so I did. Twenty minutes of anapanasati before my alarm clock went.

I’d forgotten the calm that comes during a successful meditation and how it can flow on for most of the day. I was surprised at how much of the tangle of thought and emotion that results in reaction or over-reaction to stressors was smoothed out.

So I got to work, soothed a couple of executives who were in a panic, wrote up a couple of reqs, half finished a report I’d been putting off for weeks, organised for assistance from the finance guys for help on the other half and also helped another exec craft some statement for a ministerial press release or something.I wouldnt say I sailed through the day oozing calm but I was able to step back each time from the cycle of emotional reaction and actually do stuff.
Now, the only thing that is stressing me is that I dont actually have any plans for tonight (Friday).  I guess I could always go to my local, the Northcote Social Club.

Or I could stay home and meditate.

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