Phonoscope at Opoeia

The first of the large outdoor trance parties start this weekend at Opoeia which used to be an old scouts camp and has an old olympic sized 50 metre pool, lots of tall trees and assorted odd structures including a flying saucer. The market stage will be around the pool with the main stage within the forest somewhere.

I’ll be heading down there with a few friends and I’m looking forward to it. The dj lineup looks great, the weather looks like I wont need to worry about bush-fires (and can bring my fire-staff) and the setting will be as beautiful as always. Music (but not as we know it) starts 12pm Saturday (probably a bit later) and finishes 6pm Sunday (probably a bit later). I’ve taken Monday off work and will stay Sunday night.

As usual, my resolution is to go to bed between 1am and 6am on Saturday night to avoid the fatigue induced depression at 4am, be up for the dawn set and be fresh for the next day. It might even work this time.  I’ll be straight-edging it with the exception of some alcohol – probably a few beers for the next day.I’m loading up my pda with reggae so if i get sick of the doof, i can put some old roots and culture trojan tracks on and look at the trees. I’ve got a feeling that I might end up doing this a bit more than usual. The last week has left me with a fair amount to reflect on.

One thought on “Phonoscope at Opoeia

  1. how was it?

    i kinda never made it out of bed so didn’t make it…

    am interested in coming toanything else that is coing up in the next few weeks though… did you find out about upcoming things while you were there?

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