a gentleman never tells

out for dinner one evening last week, my date mentioned that she’d looked at my blog and wondered first at how much about myself i revealed on the blog and second about whether i felt worried about people i was dating knowing that much about me. i also detected another unspoken question – one about how much i’d write about her.

i answered the unspoken question first which was that I do not set out to write about my dates as such and that if i do write about them (which I rarely do), i focus on my own reaction and thoughts that come about from a date. I only reveal as much about a date as would contextualise my reaction, that would set the scene.
As for revealing stuff about myself to dates, it’s only those that i’ve had email contact with or those very few that i meet through a rather clever and compleatly free dating site, that get my blog details. And i’m not terribly worried about dates reading my blog – i think it’s an accurate picture as any of the person i am. it certainly reveals my writing persona and gives a window into my mind through the way i organise my thoughts and reflect on what’s been happening (or has happened) in my life.

Frankly, I’m not too sure what kind of person this blog reveals. Ultimately, only certain portions of my life makes it here and although I do try to cover a broad area, i dont go deep into the really personal stuff. In fact, i’ve been surprised when people have come to me and commented on how open I’m being.

I’m much more than my blog, I want to say. But then, that’s true for everybody. We are all greater than any single parameter, any group of variables, any particular scenario or environment.

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