sometimes all you need is the right tool

and you can shift the world. or something like that anyway.

this is a work entry – my first one – may it be my last but somehow i dont think it will.

Ever since I got involved in the project office, I’d been lobbying for the right enterprise level project management tool that would allow our three project managers (with plans to add more of the organisation into it) to properly plan and share our not very large common resource pool across a raft of projects. I’d been walking up and down ranting about MS Project Server being the solution of all our problems for the last six months and finally got given enough rope to hang myself with.

So after stuffing around with loading up MS Project Server a couple days last week, I finally got it up and configured. I’d already done the lobbying of my manager and his manager and the other project manager in the project office in Melbourne. For that reason I didnt have a lot of problems getting enough people on the system to trial it especially after I sat everyone down in front of a data projector and ran through how easy it was to use with MS Project Pro and how it all integrated.

It was heartwarming to see project managers quickly realising that now instead of having to sit down and manually compare different project plans to find out where resource conflicts were, they could instead just have a look at it update instantly on the server and work out the repercussions instantly. Plus, for my manager at least, generating a resource usage map of for the next X months now was no longer a matter of laboriously filling in spreadsheets but just clicking on the appropriate report whenever you wanted to get a complete up to the minute (or up to the published state of plans) picture.

Anyway, I demo’d the system to my exec manager today, got the go-ahead and have now sent in a req to internal IT to put together a properly integrated production system.

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