messy creations and a dancing revelation

Messy Creations is a group that’s been around some time and have made a name for pulling together great trance parties in interesting sites.  the grand final weekend saw me heading to a one organised by them in a redbrick warehouse Kensington. it was a proper warehouse in the sense that it lived in an industrial wasteland and was incredibly big and cold. it was cooler than the usual warehouse because it had lots of old movie backdrops and giant props – many of which were used as decorations for the party.

I turned up at 1am after spending most of the afternoon at a friends post-wedding recovery AFL arvo bbq and then sleeping off the alcohol at home for four hours. The party was just getting on its feet. The playlist indicated that DJs would be playing till 10am. Most of my friends had however turned up by then, some after spending around 8 hours at an afternoon warehouse party at another site in Preston. They were pretty off their faces on drugs however.

Which was a good thing because in my slightly hungover state, it was easy enough to coast along on their energy, especially a friend of mine who’d been given a lot of speed. He was an older guy and experienced in the ways of amphetimines. His dance style had the relaxed rolling momentum of the seasoned marathon runner and unlike some of the younger guys there with bugging eyes, clenched jaws and concrete breaking pounding style of dance, he lasted the next 5 hours on the dance floor. I danced with him pretty much all of that time. It was probably the first time I’d actually fallen directly into synch with another dancer and in the lockstepping of rhythm but note – not the mirroring of movements – I found a pleasure in movement that I’d not really experienced before.

Excited by this new discovery, I attempted to replicate it with a couple of other people and found it surprisingly difficult. Most dancers have one-sided conversations. Their movements articulate their inner experience of the music with some of course just going through movements learnt by rote because of coolness value. Dancing with someone as I did with my friend especially over the course of hours requires a basic backbeat movement that agrees with both side’s interpretation of the beat. The movement doesnt have to be identical and in fact shouldnt be identical – it should just fall on the right beat. After that, one can basically interpret the music as one pleases so long as this beat is the same. From there, other beats the person uses to dance to can be picked up, mirrored or broken.

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