i could write about my job

and how i’m suddenly finding myself managing three quite critical projects (but then they all are), trying at the same time to get an idea of the different personalities of the people involved in assorted teams while attempting to pull together the central project management planning and resourcing tool that we needed yesterday.

but that would be very boring.

So instead, I’m going to write about this weekend’s party schedule.

Tonight, there’s a pirate themed warehouse party at the Rose Street warehouse in Fitzroy, site of the hippy spring party which so daunted me a couple of weeks ago. There’s also a gypsy serbian style band in the hippest new Northcote bar on high street – Open Studio – where the alternative arty cooler than thou brethren hang out. It’s not a very large bar. You can maybe fit twenty people in there including the band but that shouldnt be taken as an indication as to how many cool people actually live in Northcote / Thornbury. What it does indicate however is that it’s the kind of bar where you turn up and if you dont know anyone there, it’s going to be tough on you because everyone looks like they not only know each other but have the close extended relationship networks that generally only the in-crowd at high school have.

Tomorrow during the day, there’s Parklife which costs real money, does hiphop breaks and has a whole lot of international acts. I’m tempted but it looks like it’s going to rain. At night and for a substantial part of the next morning at the Public Office, the semi-regular 80s electro party Meccanoid is happening again. It’ll be a whole bunch of kids who never having had to live through it think the 80s are cool. The theme is 80s horrorflick. There’ll be floorshows and people dressed like they’d just stepped out of MJ’s gory vid. Hopefully not too many.

And finally on Sunday the annual HiVibes music / street festival will happen on High Street in Northcote. I’ve been to pretty much every one of those festivals, from the first one which was just a motley collection of bars deciding to have end-to-end bands on Sunday to the rather grand extravagansa last year which saw thousands of people crowding the streets thus drawing comparisons to the old Brunswick street festival and what a mess that eventually became as it gentrified and all. This year, HiVibes is going to be even bigger and will have outdoor stages. Even more people will come. And locals will grumble and talk nostalgicly of the good-ole times when it was all small and if you got too pissed and fell into the street, a car would likely run you over as no-one had thought about closing off traffic back then.

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