Earthdance aftermath

partway through the afternoon, just as the sun broke through the clouds and hit the treeline of the natural amphitheatre which cradled the Earthdance site crowning it with glory and as everyone lifted their heads up to the sky and smiled, I remembered what I’d written about earthdance earlier and thought about how much of a bitter ungracious bastard I can be.

i still couldnt bring myself to party for peace, but i could see that good intentions, so long as the outcomes are harmless, no matter how irritating it might be to see the warmhearted glow emanating from those so blessed by such good intentions, can not be scorned or dismissed so tritely and easily as I sometimes do. The people who’d pulled together the event had put a lot of hard work into it and from the location of the site, to the selection of stalls, to the music lineup, it all showed. It showed not only effort but also heart and vision. And that heart is what seperates well-run and well-organised parties (which this was) such as earthcore from events like this and rainbow serpent.

In other words, all that loving tree-hugging hippy crap makes a difference.

By eschewing a commercial feel (although it was nonetheless commercially considered in that it felt like a fiscally responsible event), it encouraged generosity in the people. By espousing love for others, it opened the hearts of its patrons (even if in some it would only have been a small crack) . By emphasising care for the environment and for nature, it made people more considerate of their own surroundings, opened their eyes to its beauty and encouraged more responsibility for their waste.

And by believing that thought and intention is powerful and almost materially palpable in its effects, its revellers may leave with a seed that may one day germinate to solve the world’s seemingly intractable geo-political problems.

Or that could just have been me having an acid flashback when the dj pixelton was pushing all my dirty electro pleasure buttons on the dancefloor.

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