Earthdance: Partying for World Peace

This sunday, the earthdance event is going to kickoff again this time at the Collingwood Children’s Farm. Apparently it’s got something to do with the UN world day of peace. the idea is that all around the world, different cities will hold a big party celebrating “music, dance and art”.

Let me quote from the website:

“The climax of the global event is a synchronized dance floor link-up when DJ’s at each event across the world synchronize their turntables and play the specially produced song “A Prayer For Peace” at exactly the same time. The result is a deeply felt shared experience and a profound moment of global unity and peace.

And no, it’s not an excerpt from a South Park script making fun of tree-hugging hippies.

I’ve been to a couple of earthdances in the last two years. I dont really recall experiencing any profound moments. I do recall combating vast waves of cynicism each time I hear the phrase “Partying for Peace” however although that is leavened by my admiration of the sheer chutzpah of the organisers in being able to attract non-profit status *and* government funding for organising what is effectively a big outdoor trance party. I hope they’ve remunerated themselves generously.

Anyway, besides cringing at the self-congratulatory and semi-delusionary nature of the speeches bringing world-peace through partying by presumably solving the whole Isreal-Palestine quogmire not to mention Iraq and Afghanistan situation through the mystical gyrations of a couple of performers, the combined discs of the DJ lineup and the occasional OM by the predominantly anglo middle-class audience, I generally do have a good time.

A whole lot of people I often see at trance clubs and rave parties turn up, drink beer (and maybe take other substances), sit around in the sun and get up and dance when the music takes a turn for the better.

If nothing else, they’re certainly having a peaceful time.

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