a masterpiece each time

Of late, i’ve been receiving spam which seem to be composed entirely of random excerpts from different presumably out-of-copyright novels that one can get from places like Project Gutenberg. It took me some time to get an idea of what these spammers are trying to sell as none of the ones I’ve received provide any clues in the main body but reserve their ads for an attached image. And really, who clicks on attachments you receive from a complete stranger these days (wait, dont tell me, the same kind of people who actually believe spammers right?)

Anyway, as a prime example of the packaging being more attractive than the content, the cut-up-technique the spammers have utilised is quite effective in producing semi-hallucinatory prose. It’s a technique that Burroughs used in his novels which goes to show perhaps that the old adage about countless monkeys bashing keyboards producing hamlet can perhaps now be replaced with countless spammers randomly cutting and joining existing works producing a post-modern masterpiece each time.

I’ve reproduced an example below:

Can you think of no other way of ruining yourself? Need I explain to you that there never was any Professor Phocus? He found the dead body of Noni, stretched on the bed, dressed in the things he had given her. His friends asked him: How are you going to maintain yourself? In the case of Loeb and Case I ran rather a greater risk, for they were, or had been, real people. It had no allurements of merit and no deterrents of punishment in the hereafter. Therefore the epithet is worse than useless, and had better be dropped. But only stories have to be always on their guard to sustain their readers confidence.”

It’s difficult to not read portents and fates into that prose too.

I never thought I’d say this but I await the arrival of the next piece of spam in my inbox with anticipation.