burning man goes corporate?

the Australian Financial Review today had a short but very reverential article on the Burning Man festival. It certainly made me seriously consider going next year. It also made me wonder how many corporate types (not that I am one but that’s the image I have of regular fin-review readers), trapped in their offices, felt the same way. 8 days in the desert, BYO everything, nothing to be sold or bought (except for coffee and ice) and 25,000 people coalescing in theme villages and camp sites bringing their own sub-culture and history of the event.

reading through the burning man site, it sounds like the ultimate (but then everything in the States seems to deserve that superlative) collection of all outdoor parties – encompassing hippy events like confest, outdoor raves like earthcore, mindexpansion conferences, pagan ritual gatherings, music festivals (like woodford) and other things i’ve never heard of.

anyway, seeing as i’m flying out tonight to KL for 9 days and it doesnt seem to have broken the budget, i think with a little care, burning man might be the go next year. perhaps there’ll be a escapee from the corporate world village – or by next year, would that be common to the entire event?

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