fast may not be good

the last two weeks has been hectic. i suspect that a part of it is make work, not dealing with my new found solitude, maybe even not dealing in general. there are times when things crack, when my momentum hiccups and a deal of sorrow wells up in me. but most of the time, i feel happy even if it is a busy excitable kind of happy.

here’s a few reasons for this. My weekend party schedule is as crowded as ever (I rediscovered the peel on saturday night – another entry is perhaps required for that). I’ve been going on a few dates here and there. My job has all of a sudden got busy, a little stressy but a lot more fulfilling. And there’s been MIFF to plug in any holes in my life which could possibly result in reflection and introspection.

I’ve also started the long and ardous process of moving the contents of the front bedroom into the back bedroom. I’ve been doing it a couple of items of clothes and a dozen CDs at a time. This is good – I didnt expect to be able to do it so soon. This is partly because the process needs detailed planning – ie clothes hangers and a CD rack but mostly because it requires motivation and time spent at home. I’m sleeping in the room now though. Strangely enough I miss sleeping in the front room.

Car-wise, I’ve called the wreckers and they’ve taken it off my hands for free. This is good – the first couple I called couldnt be bothered coming out. “bingled front and back? 88 model? not worth my while coming out mate.” So, I’m out of pocket a grand or so.

Some of this I’ve put to buying a brand spanking new bicycle with brakes that work, tyres that arent bald (or flat) and a properly fitted rack using screws instead of cable ties. Ok, I can no longer claim to be riding the equivalent of the Millenium Falcon but it’s safe and it rides really smoothly.

My reading habits have shifted once more into Modern Literary fiction mode again. I’ve probably been stuck in speculative fiction for the last year (when I’ve been reading) but the last few trips to the library have seen me coming out with a rediscovered Murakami (South of the Border, West of the Sun), Colm Toibin (the blackwater lightship), Brian Moore (the magician’s wife and the first one I’ve read by him) and a couple of others. The thing they all have in common is that they are short, have large type and make every word count. Maybe it’s because of this that I’m reading every word again. I’ve forgotten how much I’ve missed doing that.

Some time ago I started watching some DVDs at 2X or 4X speed with subtitles on. I never start watching them at that speed but invariably about 10 minutes or so in, I start getting bored and the convenience of only spending / wasting 0.5 hours would become too appealling. I noted though that some movies, I never even thought about the remote control much less fast forwarding. some fewer movies, i didnt even move.

I’ve been doing the same speed scanning thing with my reading for a very long time – most wristbusting fantasy/sci-fi sagas are at 8X speed – each page readily condensed into a sentence. The Murakami and Toibin novels I read could not be scanned, I did not even think of scanning them.

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