an aside on statistics, blogging and romance

one of the interesting things about being on wordpress is that it gives a nice graph showing number of hits per day. doing a quick correlation, it seems that my reading audience, small as it is, is most interested in details of my romantic life especially when compared to my long ramblings on politics (least popular). This is understandable as I am also more interested in my romantic life.

Unfortunately I have much more material in the latter category than in the former. Partly this is because of a lack of activity in that area, partly because discretion is required especially if i want to have some material to write about eventually and partly because, well, a gentlemen never tells.

Personally, I cant think of anything less romantic than checking out a date’s blog after a date to find her secret most thoughts about that occasion (and other encounters) revealed so starkly. It reminds me of this sci-fi short story i read a long time ago about a lonely telepath who reads minds through touch going through the world seeking his sweetheart and then one day brushing in the most tantalising fashion another telepath who disappears into the crowd. With this barest glimpse of another, he searches for her around the city, brushing against minds of various types until finally he finds her. It turns out she too has been looking for him. Their hands meet, their souls and minds melt together. The final image is of them walking down the street hand-in-hand, a single thought uniting them forever: “get out i hate your guts”.

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