car (penultimate)

the assessor finally came by on wednesday. i stayed home specially and he didnt even knock on the door. drove by, took photos, drove off. the assessment company called today. yeap, it’s a total loss, they said. we’re recommending that the insurance company give you $2500.

which is less than what i paid for it but ultimately what i expected. i’m not entirely sure if they are going to take away the car or not or if i now get to hear a wrecker say it’s worth nothing but he’ll take it off my hands for free. or if I have to pay to get it wrecked even. but hopefully that’s what my last entry is going to be about.

as for the cash, i’m going to spend it on a XDA Atom PDA and a trip back to Malaysia – maybe around the same time depending on the prices i can get for these kind of devices overseas.

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