this is a continuation of the car saga from my previous blog.

A couple of days ago i called the hire car company and hassled them about my car again. They said that they'd sent all details to their insurance broker. I called the insurance broker and hassled him. He said he'd sent it through to the insurance company. I called the insurance company and hassled them. They said they'd received nothing. I called the hire car company again and said I've had no joy and that was the situation. Rather than keeping with the messy communication lines, I was going to leave it to him to make the calls from now on. I had made a total of 8 calls in that session. He said I'll call my broker tomorrow.

Frankly, at that time i'd given up hope. So I called my insurance company and said, look i dont think these guys have any insurance, they are a shady untrustworthy and mendacious bunch of thugs and I will now like to invoke my uninsured driver clause in my policy where you will pay me $3000. The insurance company said, as the driver could have violated the terms and conditions of his driving so as to invalidate his claim on their insurance, we cannot consider him uninsured, merely an insured but unclaimable driver. Hence, with the deepest of sympathies, we can do nothing for you. We recommend you sue his pants off and to consider taking out comprehensive insurance with us the next time.

I said, thanks a lot and began reviewing my legal options, the only one of which I had left which was to sue the original driver. I could imagine the chain of suits that would follow:

– i sue the original driver

– he sues the hire car company

– the hire car company sues their broker

– the broker sues the insurance company

– the insurance company launches a counter-suit at everyone as a matter of principle (including me)

Fortunately, I just got a call from the insurance company saying they'd received the claim and was sending an assessor out.

I now no longer care how much they offer me for my car so long as I get something. 

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