i lack the passion to find out more about the Iraqi intervention except to doubt much of the opinions that are being flung around the place – history might do a better job. However, the excellent documentary on SBS two nights ago about the Iraqi insurgency had a refreshing ring of authenticity about it. Various sources were interviewed from the insurgents as well as the american military. Sure most of the insurgents were anonymous but the emerging picture of an unsteady coalition of different factions slowly uniting and organising around ex-Baath party members, ex-Army personnel and new jihadists – mostly foreign. Their aims being to evict westerners from Iraq and obtain as much control of the country and the people as possible. Their means now extending right across from organised attacks on the iraqi and western coalition military and political representation. With the jihadists being less interested in political representation and more in complete islamic revolution through the formention of greater sectarian violence.

As far as I can see there are no options that does not lead to further bloodshed.

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