i was having lunch with Narelle and a friend of hers on sunday. There seemed to be a bit of vibe between the two of us and we’d already ascertained in oh so casual ways during the conversation that we were both single so I took the opportunity to quiz Narelle about her when she went on a toilet break.

“your friend is pretty cute.” i noted in my supremely subtle way.

“she’s a lesbian.” Narelle said “but she does have fun with boys now and then.”

“Too bad. i’m not interested in fun.” i replied, shrugging.

“you seem to get along well. maybe you could be friends.” Narelle suggested.

“I’m not interested in new friends.” I said. “I have time for potential partners and existing friendships. And that’s about it.”

“I’m glad I’m an existing friend then.” Narelle said a little miffed.

I sat back and thought about what I’d just said. It actually hadnt occured to me that that was the case until those words came out.

Yeap. I’m 35, turning 36 this year. I’ve been single for six months or so, thinking I’ve been coping with it really well and coming to terms with spending quality time with myself. Sure I’ve been casting around a little bit for the right person but in a cool self-sufficient not at all desperate way.

Well, except for the last bit, it’s been pretty much true.

The next thing is what to do with this piece of self-knowledge?

Engage in wholesale partner hunting activities including a profile on internet dating sites, trawling personal networks for potential mates and going to speed-dating nights?

Or attempt to make cool self-sufficent not at all desperate a reality instead of an image?

More thought is required on this matter.

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