i’ve skirted around this through my last few posts, primarily starting entries on some pali words and concepts.

the truth is, while there’s a certain amount of shock value in being able to say i’m going through a spiritual awakening and have discovered buddhism, i cant.

I have waited a month or so before saying this, but I cannot lay claim to enough belief in some of the fundamental ideas of buddhism to be able to say that I’m a buddhist.

i do not have sufficient intellectual and personal evidence or experience to believe in karma and reincarnation, even in the less information heavy form of reincarnation espoused by early buddhism. This goes for all other spiritual entities that go with the accounting and intervention of the cycle of rebirth (or samsara).

However, i do believe in the efficacy of buddhist meditation as a means of achieving greater insight, acceptance and contentment in one’s life. I believe that some aspects of the sila (or the moral practice associated with buddhism) is very conducive to buddhist meditation.

So I guess, I am a buddist to the extent that I am able to accept a fair amount of the four noble truths and the noble eightfold path.

And that’s about it.

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