So the guy who hit my car called back. he was a young bloke, very ocker. i immediately assumed a hoon. he was driving a hire car from a place in Richmond called Afford A Hire car and he was agrieved that even though he was paying them $1500 to take care of the insurance, he still had to deal with my calls.

I thanked him for the info but he hung on to the line. There was a bit of troubled silence, then a semi-coherent tumble of words punctuated by heartfelt sighs.

“look mate, i’m uh, really sorry. i dont know …”

I told him not to worry, that these things happen.

I next called the hire car company. It didnt look good, they didnt have a website and I had to call three times before I got to the guy who owned the place. He reluctantly gave me his insurance details.

“Wont do you any good calling them until i put the claim in anyway. And I’m still waiting for the bloke to pay up.”

I refrained from telling him that his cash flow problems were not my problem. I told him I’d appreciate a claim number when he got it and that in the meantime, I’ll be sending him a letter with repair quotes.

Thing is, the other smash repairer i took it to just took out his business card and wrote on the back of it that in his opinion the cost of repairing exceeds value of vehicle. I’ll get another repairer to do the same and will then send a letter of demand to the hire car place for the write-off value of the car.

I’m going to attempt to try for the full price I paid for it 3 months ago. I’ll be attaching a receipt of the sale. My insurance company reckons it’s worth a go but i’m not likely to get it. If I get the write-off value, I’ll end up $1000 out of pocket.

Not much I guess in the scheme of things.

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