i took my car in to a smash repairers who i have taken two jobs to so far – both of which were happily fixed, one with some “extras” added in as it was an insurance job. They are a couple of brothers who drive in to work together – italian or greek background perhaps – very friendly, very upfront. They got out of their car, took one look at mine and shook their heads.

“it’s a write off mate”

I got conflicting advice, one was to take it in to the insurance company’s assessor and say i couldnt get through to the guy and get my money from my insurance company (as a writeoff). I’m able to do that as my insurance covers me against uninsured drivers (up to $3000 but my car is insured to a value of $2800 so that’s cool).

The other was to hassle the guy and then only if I cant get his insurance details, do I tell my insurance company and then pursue it as an uninsured driver.

The end result would be the same if he is insured – his company will likely write off my car as a quick estimate for repair was along the lines of $10,000.

I decided to pursue the more directly legal option which is to hassle the man. So I got to work and finally got through to his housemate. Now waiting for him to call back. Apparently he returns at 4:30pm today so I’ll call him then as well.

Anyway, in the meantime, I feel surprisingly ok about it. I’m a little sad that my car which appears to be perfectly driveable is going to go to scrap and spare parts because of 3 panels worth of damage. But that’s the way it works here in a developed economy – labour is more expensive than material.

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