with a car, i’ve become lazy and now drive a lot more than i should.

take sunday for example. i was meeting a friend on brunswick street which is on my tram route *and* within cycling distance. did i do either? no. i chose to drive instead. because the weather was going to be crap, because the trams are infrequent and i was running late, because i just couldnt be stuffed.

so, i drive down, park it legally, have coffee and return to discover that someone had rammed into my car such that it hit the car in front. There was a little note by the police saying call us. They had the guys details. I now have the guy’s details. Apparently the cops are going to be pressing charges.

I was able to drive home but we’re looking at four to five panels worth of damage and a smashed side window. The rear door is stuffed and wont lock. The front bonnet is buckled. The rear right hand light is totalled and that panel. The front right hand light is gone too.

I’ve left a message on the man’s answering machine. i hope it is an answering machine as there wasnt a greeting message.

I’ve had my car 3 months.

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