‘m often mistaken for being japanese. even by the japanese. enough that i’ve memorised “nihonjin ja nai. chungoku jin des.” (i’m not japanese. i’m chinese).

so, at least half of the time, instead of “ni hao”, I get different forms of japanese greetings tossed at me by anglo-australian types who fancy practicing their extensive knowledge of asian languages at me.

one of the things that happened to me at a rave a couple of weeks ago was that i was approached a couple of times (maybe more) by raver type anglo-ozzie girls who upon discovering that i wasnt japanese became markedly less interested. this happens occasionally and it’s either because they want to practice their japanese (having spent time in japan) or they’re more attracted to cool japanese dudes and not just cool dudes who happen to look japanese or both.

this time however, the conversation extended sufficiently that it became apparent that not only was i not japanese, i was in fact rather Melbournian. I went to a high school she knew, lived in many of same suburbs, etc, etc. The difference being that this time, as more information was divulged, the higher the level of her quite apparent disappointment became until she said something along the lines of :

her: “you’re really quite australian arent you.”

me: “I dont like the footy but yes, i’d like to think so.”

upon which the steadily decreasing amount of flirting disappeared entirely.

I think this is the first time I’ve been culturally discriminated against in this particular fashion.

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