last night, i got home and i saw that my ex has put my sports eski out on the sidewalk. It has been sitting in the kitchen waiting to be cleaned for the last month or two. i was about to get around to it. Besides it had every right to be wherever it wanted for as long as it wanted to be.

I stormed into her room and told her that i would appreciate it if she didnt throw my things away without asking me first. She mumbled something along the lines of yeah, whatever, it was a crap eski anyway and she thought i was getting a new one.

I said, “i dont want to get into a debate about whether it’s a crap eski or not. it was *my* eski and besides it’s a good one to cart beer around for evening outdoor gigs. And it’s also a handy seat.”

I stormed out.

But it didnt feel like a satisfactory exit line and so I stormed back in and said,

“You obviously need to hear this in person. I want you to move out as soon as possible. I want minimal contact from you until then.”

She looked at me and said,

“Actually, it was my eski.”

I looked back at her, flabbergasted at her sheer gall.

“No, it was my eski. I’ve always had it.” I said.

“I bought it in Darwin for $25.” she countered.

A memory of the shopping trip surfaced.

“Oh. Well.” I said, “You can do whatever you like with it then. Sorry.”

I retreated.

Later, we sat in the outdoor spa and professed our hate for each other. But the water was very hot. It was a nice night. and it didnt seem that bad.

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