My new old car stalled every time it tried to idle on the way back from Akasha. I could still get it back but it was annoying having to start it up and keep reving it everytime i stopped at lights. Barely 200 km after I’ve purchased it!

I took it back to the dealer early this week and he’s taken it to his workshop. He seems to be pretty nice about it. Apparently there’s something wrong with a gasket that’s letting in dirt into the carboureter which is then clogging up the idle jets. This is nearly gooblygook to me but not quite. There was more information in there somewhere.


One day, I’m going to have to pick up an idiots guide to internal combustion engines and figure out how they work.

I havent mentioned paying for the work, he hasnt mentioned paying for the work. I’m going to wait until the work is done before that comes up. If it comes up.

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