i ended up going to akasha by myself. But as with these things found people i knew from Melbourne and bounced from one group to another.

the site was outside of Sale, nearly 3 hours drive from melbourne but it was worth it. I got there early enough to get a camping spot next to the river, under some trees, amongst dense blackberry bushes and another sort of thorny shrub with red fruit. The clearing was big enough for my tent, a rug and a couple of cushions which meant i had no neighbours within sight although i could hear them. With my car parked across the narrow ‘entrance’, I had a very private if solitary camping spot.

I’d forgotten how much i like camping close to the river. i spent a fair amount of time in it, looking down stream at the trees, looking across the water at the stream. Having the occassional person to talk to made it more pleasant.

As for the festival itself, the music varied in the usual fashion from hard trance at night to electro on Sunday, the people had a surprisingly large contingent of locals from Sale – lads wearing footy jumpers drinking beer at 7am in the morning. Rumour had it that they were given free tickets to inflate the numbers. They behaved themselves as far as I could tell. But then, I’m not female.

And there was an OD, an korean girl who apparently took too much e. Cops, ambulance, organisers all wondering who to contact.

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