i’ve begun rebuilding my memory house (wikipedia entry here), partly as an exercise in visualisation and memory, partly for meditative reasons and partly to access symbols representing the subconscious and unconscious workings of my mind. The last (and first) memory house I built was over ten years ago. I never did get too far with it. I created three square rooms, the contents of which I’d forgotten now except for the central room which had a stone fountain.

The fountain was the most concrete of all the objects I created and my current memory house retains it. It maintains its old form which is that of a large circular pool with high stone sides on which one can sit and look into the water, from which one can dabble one’s fingers or feet. The fountain itself was never particularly grandiose. It had a vase like shape from the top of which water splashed in a crown or a flower. The flow and quality of the water along with the depth of the pool and its inhabitants were always changing. This was always part of the initial design and it was good to see that even after all this time, the variables were still functioning. In the intervening years however, a new addition had appeared on the fountain itself. Its waters now cradled a large black stone egg, large enough to stop the fountain if the water pressure faltered.

Strangely enough, i dont find the egg particularly threathening and i wait with interest to see what will emerge (if anything).

The other rooms of the house (and its contents) are virtually building themselves and my internal visualisation abilities which I’ve thought long eroded are returning surprisingly quickly.

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